1. Reasons to Finish Your Basement

    This is one of the more popular times to start on home improvement projects. For one thing, you just got that refund from Uncle Sam (or will soon) and want to put it to use. Maybe you have considered a kitchen or bathroom renovation for the umpteenth time. Why not do something different this year? Here are the top reasons why you should finish your basement in 2018: Value - You obviously want the …Read More

  2. Basement waterproofing | Milwaukee, WI

    Questions to Ask Your Basement Waterproofing Contractor

    It’s just another typical weeknight of doing chores in the house. Then you make your way down to the basement and look around for a bit. You hadn’t realized until now, but your basement is wet and damp. Maybe even some of the walls are cracked as well. You think to yourself, “This is an absolute disaster.”After a moment of panic, you begin to collect your thoughts. It’s time to hire a ba…Read More

  3. Don’t Wait For Winter

    It’s Happening We’ve put it off for nearly nine months, but the time has come once again. The day’s light retreats ever earlier, the winds off the lake intensify (or, at least feel like they intensify), and the snow begins to fall. It’s part of both of Milwaukee’s and the surrounding villages’ claim to infamy, yet we find ways each year to power forward and make the most of our often f…Read More

  4. Foundation repair company | Milwaukee

    Does Your New Home Need Foundation Repair?

    Almost Home For many of us, the process of searching for a new home is fraught with coming across available homes that are almost the perfect fit for our wants and needs. However, the dozens of homes we consider just seem to be lacking the one or two factors that sway us into purchasing, ultimately making the process of finding a new home an often maddening one. But, out of nowhere, we find the ho…Read More

  5. Winter is Coming. Is Your Basement Ready?

    Cool Down If you’ve had the unique fortune of experiencing even one of Milwaukee’s signature bitterly cold winters, you’re likely part of the large portion of the Milwaukee area who counts down the days to summer. But now, with summer slowly giving way to cooler fall temperatures, it’s time to start thinking about the coming colder months. Not that we’re trying to overlook and not enjoy …Read More

  6. Basement Waterproofing Milwaukee, WI

    Top Four Signs You Need Basement Waterproofing ASAP

    Don’t Wait For the Flood When you think of waterproofing your basement, you may think that it safeguards against floods and large spills or leaks. While it absolutely does, there are other, smaller issues that can lead to bigger, more expensive cleanups. Many of these tell-tale signs start slowly, with just a trickle or a drip and, before you know it, you’ve got foundation problems, mold, and …Read More

  7. Basement Waterproofing Waukesha

    Five Not-So-Obvious Reasons for Basement Waterproofing

    Give Your Basement the Waterproofing it Deserves There are some obvious reasons people choose basement waterproofing. The most obvious reason being the goal to stave off the worst should a basement experience flood damage from a burst pipe or heavy rains. Moreover, implementing basement waterproofing keeps mold and mildew at bay, in turn maintaining optimal air quality in our homes. While these ar…Read More

  8. Foundation Repair Waukesha, WI

    Top Four Signs it’s Time For Foundation Repair

    Functional Foundations There’s nothing quite like a warm summer’s day in the Milwaukee area. Bradford beach is bustling with people braving the still-frigid waters of Lake Michigan, and the humidity is at its highest. While this is great for days spent on the beach, humidity and moisture can, over time, cause devastating damage to our home’s foundations. Over our nearly three decades of foun…Read More

  9. Basement waterproofing Milwaukee, WI

    Top Four Reasons to Choose Basement Waterproofing

    Seal the Deal with Basement Waterproofing from Zablocki Whether you’re building a home for the first time or have proudly called your current address home for decades, there’s never a bad time to consider basement waterproofing. It might sound strange to consider basement waterproofing after a house is built, but the elements rarely care about how long we’ve lived in our home; the rain, snow…Read More

  10. Basement is wet | Milwaukee

    Keeping Your Basement Dry Year ‘round

    Memories & Moments, Stuff & Things Our respective basements hold more than just boxes of stuff, junk, and things; they hold some of our most prized possessions, memories, and moments. Most of us (especially those of us whom have children) know that there’s not so much spillover space available when our family grows, or our living situation changes. More often than not, what little spillo…Read More